Microsoft VSS – Keeping it Simple

The Microsoft VSS framework was introduced as long ago as Windows XP and still provides the tools necessary to a create consistent and accurate snapshots of any supported file system on your PC.

We’ve already blogged about how VSS works so in this article we’re focusing on how and why, we at Macrium Software, decided on a simple, non-invasive and reliable implementation of the VSS API for disk imaging.

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Managing backups – what do you want?

As we move into the winter months and the fast approaching Christmas; at Macrium we are putting the finishing touches on our new management framework that will be available as a technical preview later this quarter. As you would expect, this kind of product has generated a lot of internal discussions and debate as to what it is we need to focus on.Read More »

Join us for a cuppa at IP Expo!

cupsThis week on Wednesday and Thursday we are looking forward to meeting lots of our customers and partners at IP Expo Europe at the Excel Centre in London. Our theme this year is ‘Relax’! In keeping with this theme we will be giving away free cups of tea on our stand and an understanding ear for all your backup and DR requirements. We also have some 8GB ‘slap’ USBs which are worth a visit for as well!Read More »