Managing backups – what do you want?

As we move into the winter months and the fast approaching Christmas; at Macrium we are putting the finishing touches on our new management framework that will be available as a technical preview later this quarter. As you would expect, this kind of product has generated a lot of internal discussions and debate as to what it is we need to focus on.

What we all agreed on is that we need to make sure that the management framework continues the Macrium Reflect tradition of making easy the processes that are most critical. We also agreed that we need to recreate in the management tools and dashboard, all the information that is currently available through the Macrium Reflect user interface, events and logs. This includes the ability to, at a glance, examine the disks and partitions on a system, setup a backup schedule and monitor success or failure.

To make it a true management framework we need to have remote discovery, deployment of agents, management of schedules, backup repositories and reporting. We have had quite a bit of external input into requirements and we expect that the first release will lead to even more enhancements for future versions.

If you want to provide input into this process we would be happy to hear from you by sending us an email to and the title “Management Console Features”.

Macrium helps backup and DR professionals to relax

Macrium were very pleased to exhibit and speak at the popular IP Expo Europe event at ExCel in London last week.

We were literally rushed off our feet speaking to a large number of customers, resellers and industry experts. Thankfully we had a nice cup of Macrium tea on the stand to help us to relax! It was great listening to everyone’s backup requirements and finding that our recent survey results really did resonate with IT Administrators.

Our Sales Director, Stephen, spoke to the audience about using Macrium Reflect to help IT Managers and IT Administrators to Relax (!) and be confident that Macrium Reflect is working tirelessly and effectively behind the scenes. Stephen stated: “The two most important requirements for backup is the speed and reliability and we are completely focusing on delivering the fastest and most reliable backup to our customers. The continued challenges and of data growth and shrinking backup windows are foremost in our minds for future releases. Overall IP Expo was a tremendous success for us as we build brand awareness and quickly grow our channel and customer networks.”


Some cheeky new features in Macrium Reflect v6.1

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Macrium Reflect v6.1. This new release is free for all v6 customers.

So what does this mid-cycle release incorporate?

Delta Incremental Index

This new feature optimises the size of each index associated with incremental backups as they only contain a list of changed blocks in the incremental itself. This even further improves the backup and recovery speeds and reduces the amount of storage required to store backups.

German Language Support

Our international customer base is continually expanding and we’re working hard in-house to ensure that we support as many countries and languages as possible. German language support is now available and stay tuned for regular releases in other new languages in the near future.

Reflect supports Windows PE 10

Macrium Reflect now also supports Windows PE 10. This is especially important as with the recent release of Windows 10, PE 10 is now the default PE option for installations on Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2012, 2012R2.

Macrium is proud to continue the tradition of releasing great products with features that address the complex needs of the IT Technician and Administrator as well as our large consumer base. If you are a current user of Macrium Reflect v6 the upgrade is available now, simply visit our knowledge base to find out more. If you are a v5 user, we have some great discounts available to upgrade directly to v6.1.

Any questions, please email

Join us for a cuppa at IP Expo!

cupsThis week on Wednesday and Thursday we are looking forward to meeting lots of our customers and partners at IP Expo Europe at the Excel Centre in London. Our theme this year is ‘Relax’! In keeping with this theme we will be giving away free cups of tea on our stand and an understanding ear for all your backup and DR requirements. We also have some 8GB ‘slap’ USBs which are worth a visit for as well!

You can come and listen to our Sales Director, Stephen Macpherson speak on Wednesday at 11am in the Backup and Recovery theatre. He will be discussing all the latest developments coming up at Macrium, including our new management console and deployment kit, as well as talking through some the results from our recent Belts and Braces research survey.

It’s free to register for IP Expo and we’re on stand M21 if you would like to meet us there.

Macrium Reflect launch Deployment Kit

DeploymentKitWe’re excited to announce that we are now releasing our Reflect Deployment Kit, which is specifically designed for organisations who want to use the power of our technician’s license to create and deploy images in their enterprise.

In response to popular demand, we have changed our licensing model to allow unlimited deployments. The licensing is per year, per site and the aim is to allow customers who have previously used Ghost, to move to a fully supported image creation and deployment utility.

This kit allows a single user to image multiple servers and PCs. Macrium Reflect runs as a portable application from USB Rescue Media. The USB stick also acts as a bootable rescue environment, which you can use to back up and restore licensed PCs. Portable Mode Reflect is very similar to the Macrium Reflect environment you are familiar with.

To find out more and purchase your own Macrium Reflect Deployment Kit, please visit

Strap on those belts and braces!

With thanks to everyone who was kind enough to fill in our research questions, we now have a fascinating report available which tests some of the assumptions and themes that we think characterises the backup and DR market.

With almost 500 responses, we found that speed, reliability and compatibility were the recurring words that respondents used when praising their current backup solution. One of the most interesting results was that over 50% use more than one supplier and 16% use three or more. It seems that there is a requirement for a ‘belts and braces’ approach to backup and recovery. As long as the solution is fast, reliable and easy to use, that is more important than having a single ‘one size fits all’ solution. Interesting to see that peace of mind comes before administrative workload.

We also asked what the biggest headache in backup and DR was: time was cited at the top! This included the time to set up, schedule and ensure that backups are running smoothly. Other concerns included whether the backup will actually be successful and remembering to set up backups in the first place!

Another interesting point that surfaced was confusion in the marketplace with the terms used. This may be surprising seeing as data backup tools and their terminology have been around for a while. On the other hand, as we were writing the new knowledge base material for Macrium Reflect v6, we had to clarify for ourselves what each approach meant!

We hope you enjoy the report and the findings.

Macrium Says Relax!

Pasted image at 2015_07_31 03_10 PMSit back and relax. Boil the kettle and make a cup of tea. Maybe light a scented candle or two. You’re using Macrium Reflect, there’s no need to panic! IT Administrators using Macrium Reflect have a backup solution that provides peace of mind, speed and reliability, and ease of use.

Macrium will be demonstrating the power and speed of Macrium Reflect at IP Expo Europe in London this October. IP Expo Europe is the number one IT event across Europe, aimed at those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward. With thousands expected to walk through the doors over the two day show, it really is the place for IT Administrators to go!

Our very own Stephen Macpherson will be presenting at the exhibition, demonstrating to IT Administrators how Macrium Reflect can take the stress out of backup and disk recovery. Stephen will cover our all new administration console, the speed of rapid delta restore and how viBoot can be vital for the instant recovery of critical systems. He will also cover why many of our customers choose a ‘belt and braces’ approach to backup.

We will have our highly experienced team at the show on stand M21 demonstrating our solution, handing out some very nifty USB slaps and helping you relax with a cuppa.

To register for free and find out more information about the show please visit