Macrium Says Relax!

Pasted image at 2015_07_31 03_10 PMSit back and relax. Boil the kettle and make a cup of tea. Maybe light a scented candle or two. You’re using Macrium Reflect, there’s no need to panic! IT Administrators using Macrium Reflect have a backup solution that provides peace of mind, speed and reliability, and ease of use.

Macrium will be demonstrating the power and speed of Macrium Reflect at IP Expo Europe in London this October. IP Expo Europe is the number one IT event across Europe, aimed at those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive their business forward. With thousands expected to walk through the doors over the two day show, it really is the place for IT Administrators to go!

Our very own Stephen Macpherson will be presenting at the exhibition, demonstrating to IT Administrators how Macrium Reflect can take the stress out of backup and disk recovery. Stephen will cover our all new administration console, the speed of rapid delta restore and how viBoot can be vital for the instant recovery of critical systems. He will also cover why many of our customers choose a ‘belt and braces’ approach to backup.

We will have our highly experienced team at the show on stand M21 demonstrating our solution, handing out some very nifty USB slaps and helping you relax with a cuppa.

To register for free and find out more information about the show please visit

Welcome to viBoot!

As our latest version of Macrium Reflect continues to get rave reviews in the marketplace, we’re excited to add a new tool to the family, with Macrium viBoot. Here’s a great video to show you how it works.

viBoot enables you to instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines using one or more Macrium Reflect image files as the basis of the virtual machine sub-system. viBoot allows you to boot into the images you have made using Macrium Reflect for recovery validation purposes, or as a DR tool to instantly recover vital systems. If you’re working at an enterprise level, you could recover your vital Exchange or SQL systems in mere minutes! This will ensure no down time and no lengthy virtual disk conversion or restore. We’re here to make your lives easier!

We have built Macrium viBoot on a new device driver that presents a virtual Windows drive contained within a Macrium Reflect image file as a physical hard drive to the Windows storage sub-system. This allows any Windows based virtualization software that can boot from a physical drive, to boot from Macrium Reflect image files.

There are a number of ways that viBoot could be utilised. Use it to create a copy of your live environment to test new software, or use it as a performance test platform as part of your Physical to Virtual rollout strategy. Most importantly it enables IT administrators to quickly recover and make available critical systems for business continuity purposes.

You can download Macrium viBoot now from
For more information on downloading, setting repository folders etc, please visit

When “free” is always great value for money!

We continue to be amazed by the incredible popularity of our Macrium Reflect Free Edition product that tops over 150 thousand downloads per month.  These global downloads means that we have an active installed base of the Free Edition that tops 4 million!  Just last week we released v6 Free Edition, and the same day we experienced an 80% jump in downloads and website hits.
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It’s finally here – Macrium Reflect v6 Free

In February we released Macrium v6 including one edition targeted for home users and a further three for business users. v6 is a large step forwards in speed, simplicity and flexibility. As always, with a purchase of v6, Macrium’s renowned support is included. For business users this can be extended to include phone support and annual renewal for ongoing support.

For home users who only need to do occasional clones or ad hoc full backups, we have always had a free edition. This has been downloaded over 4 million times and has a very active user base. Until now the free edition has remained on the v5.3 codebase.Read More »

From Zero to Hero

rick-smithIt was great to have a chat to Rick Smith from the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University last week. He has been using Macrium Reflect for some time now, after one of our (larger) competitors went a bit sideways with their solution. Rick found that the competitor solution was just needing too much support to make it viable. In flies Macrium!

It’s always nice to hear positive feedback and Rick was glowing about the excellent customer service he has received from Macrium support.Read More »

Fancy a slap?

20150520_115619 (1)Phew! What a morning! I’m sat here at IP Expo Manchester surrounded by visitors and feeling rather pleased with how it’s going.

This is the first year that IP Expo has hit Manchester and the first time Macrium has exhibited at a show. IP Expo must be thrilled with the visitors as we really haven’t stopped chatting to delegates all morning. Read More »

No “Clone Wars” at Macrium!

RDCAs with Rapid Delta Restore (RDR) the concept of Rapid Delta Clone (RDC) has been something that has been thought about for quite some time here at Macrium Software. We wanted to build a clone solution that would effectively and rapidly copy only the differences between the source and target file systems. The advantage of this is obvious, RDC offers similar a performance increase as an Incremental disk image offers over a Full image and enables regular clones to become a viable and fast DR solution.

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