Sssssshh… You’re making us blush!

comment-ok“Phenomenal”, “stellar”, “1st class”, “ground breaking” and “extraordinary”.

It’s been almost a week since we made a big splash in the pond with our new v6 of Macrium Reflect and we’re humbled by the fantastic feedback we’ve been getting from all of those who have been trialing and buying our software.

Our developers have worked incredibly hard to continue bringing to the marketplace, a highly robust and efficient solution that meets our customer’s needs. There is always that slight apprehension as you hit ‘go release’. But we couldn’t be happier with the responses we’ve had back.

“One of the most reliable images I’ve ever used (and I’ve used a few). I have found it to have one of the fastest incremental imaging capabilities around”.

It’s also nice to see that our loyal customers now see us as playing with the big boys! We’ve been called a ‘game changer’ by some and offering far superior performance to other solutions in the marketplace.

The last thing we’re going to do is sit back on our laurels though. It’s you guys who help make our product what it is today and shape the future development of the product. Therefore the floor is yours! We want to hear your feedback, good and not so good. Drop us an email at . Sadly we can’t offer support with the product unless you have purchased our specific support package.

Not had a play around yet with the new version? You can download a free trial here and see what all the fuss is about!