Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog post I want to cover some of the common questions, issues and information we have been getting. Aside from the new edition of Macrium Reflect itself the biggest changes we have made recently is to the online buying process and while we have tried to explain in advance what is happening I thinking some points could do with repeating and listed below are some of the FAQs we’re coming across.

FAQ 1 – Why has Macrium moved to a subscription model?

We haven’t! Our licenses are all perpetual. What has changed is the support model. Previously we had a model where we provided unlimited support until a new release came out. Now it is an annual fee to continue receiving Support and Maintenance.

FAQ 2 – Then why is there a “Subscription Product” when I buy?

The way it is structured and worded by our 3rd party provider in the shopping cart makes it look like we have moved to a subscription model, but we haven’t. There is only an optional maintenance fee for the Support and Maintenance after year 1. The first year of Support and Maintenance is free. You can cancel whenever you want by following the link in the online receipt as shown below:


After this you will see the confirmation below:


FAQ 3 – What’s the difference between v6 Home Edition and Workstation?

With regards features and functionality they are the same. We have taken the old v5 Professional and made it the base feature level, plus all the great new features for v6. The difference is in the support model. Because Home Edition is not for use in business environments, we have changed the support to provide Essentials support for 12 months with each license. Essentials support cannot be renewed after 12 months.

Workstation has Standard Support and Maintenance that can be upgraded to Premium 24×7 Support, and is renewable as an optional fee each year.

FAQ 4 – What are the plans for v7?

Our first priority is to make sure v6 is solid and easy to buy. We think we have some fine tuning with the buying process so look out for small changes there. As regards v7, we are in the early stages of planning so any feedback on v6 is very useful for us in prioritizing features. Look out for interim releases for an Enterprise Edition with centralised management for large complex environments, and Virtual Image Boot for instant recovery.