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After the craziness of the past couple of months I think its useful to reflect on how we as a team are doing in the process of turning Macrium into a globally recognised brand in the Backup and DR sector. Since the start of the year we have: launched version 6 of Reflect, launched a completely new website and branding, launched our new MVP partner programme, and tried to maintain business as usual! So how do I think we have done?

Version 6 Launch

10 out of 10! The development team have brought to market a completely new code base, a host of new features and a totally modernised user interface. From the day of release we have had no major bugs; in fact, the dev team have been helping with fine tuning the new website more than they are fixing product bugs! Nick Sills, CEO, and his team have over delivered and we are delighted with the outcome. The great news is that the feature set for v6.1 and beyond is already in the advanced planning stages.


9 out of 10! Pretty good is the conclusion as we have spent a lot of time fine tuning the online buying experience that was not initially as slick as expected. The massive number of upgrades we are now getting show that we are heading in the right direction. We are very satisfied with the new look of Macrium and the website is well structured which is making it easier for our customers and partners.

The new MVP Programme

8 out of 10! We really wanted to make a bigger splash with the MVP network, however, time constraints forced us to delay the launch of our new partner portal. We will catch up and work is already well underway on this. The good news is that we have begun expanding the channel management team (Welcome Alina!) and you will begin to see more direct communication for resellers in the coming weeks and months. We have a lot more to do and we are spending quality time focussing on this part of our sales approach.


It is always nerve racking when you make so many changes in such a short space of time, however, we are very satisfied with the outcomes; acknowledging that there is much, much more to do. I want to say a special thanks to all the people who provided fantastic feedback on pre-release v6, testing and validating the new features. We have found a whole new community of users that we did not know before and it has been immensely satisfying to get such knowledgeable and informative feedback so quickly. Thanks everyone!

Stephen Macpherson, Sales Director