When “free” is always great value for money!

We continue to be amazed by the incredible popularity of our Macrium Reflect Free Edition product that tops over 150 thousand downloads per month.  These global downloads means that we have an active installed base of the Free Edition that tops 4 million!  Just last week we released v6 Free Edition, and the same day we experienced an 80% jump in downloads and website hits.

We quite often get asked, especially by partners, why we continue to have a Free Edition, and why do we add new features to it?  Like most up and coming software companies the first battle is to get people using the software so that you get real world feedback, brand awareness and a taste for demand.  Over the six years that Macrium has been selling Backup and DR solutions the availability of the Free Edition has proved invaluable for all the reasons mentioned above.

So, why is there such demand for “Free” software?  One would think that for a task as critical as backing up personal data and providing peace of mind, a small investment in a license that includes support would not be an unreasonable expectation.  That’s a blog for another time, but perhaps the answer for Macrium lies in the trust people have in our software and the reputation we have for being very reliable.  Based on the preliminary results of a survey we are conducting, 80% of respondents rated us as better than our competition.

For us Macrium Reflect v6 Free is an important member of the product family that continues to grow our global foot print and underpin our rapid growth.

Stephen Macpherson – Sales Director