The answer to my prayers

We really do love hearing from our happy customers, especially when our software has been able to swoop in and save the day! Tom was no exception and he has a great story to tell:

Dear Macrium,
I just thought you should know what an excellent experience I had with your software this afternoon. It’s a classic tale of one geek’s quest for SSD speeds in his Ivy Bridge laptop, which I’m sure you can relate to.

My 850 EVO arrived this morning and – as this was the first time I had cloned a HDD – I turned to the internet for guidance, none of flatmates being too keen on acronyms. My first port of call was a leading provider of backup solutions, which was recommended by a reputable techtuber. It was with dismay however that I downloaded the free trial only to find that it did not offer the only feature I wanted – disk cloning. Muttering pagan cursewords under my breath, I uninstalled the shamware and returned to the great database in the sky, this time taking to that bastion of PC knowledge, r/pcmasterrace.

I was pointed to a free cloning program, which had apparently worked wonders for one redditor on multiple occasions. Excited to finally solve my problem (and with free software, no less) I clicked the “download” button with uncharacteristic gusto.

Program installed.
Source and target locked in.
Progress bars, reflected in my glasses, blossomed into green like a periodot sunrise.
In a storm of SATA cables I freed my new drive from the confines of my desktop, wrestling it into my laptop chassis.
Screws tightened, I opened the laptop lid and reached, trembling, for the power button.

Your computer needs to be repaired.
Critical components could not be found

In despair, I once again prepared my weary drives for the data transfusion. How much longer could this go on for? I offered the usual prayer to the great DIY god: “It was only supposed to be a five minute job!”

Though I did not yet know it, in another thread, in another time, someone had penned the words that would answer my prayers.

Those words were “Macrium Reflect.”

I would seriously like to congratulate you on your setup. When I go looking for a disk cloning utility, I don’t want to shell out £50+ on trust for a product that might not work, but nor do I want to install useless freeware on my system which can’t do the job and has virtually no customer support.

In your case I downloaded the trial, gave it a go, saw that it works and was immediately sold. I bought my license less than an hour ago.

I hope in some way this message has brightened your day, as your work has brightened mine.

Kind regards


Thank you Tom, it has indeed!