Helping Poorly PCs

Macrium speak to Nigel Poore who runs Poorly PC, a Suffolk based PC support company who provide help to small businesses across the country.

Imaging tool of choice

Nigel has been using Macrium Reflect for around 8 years now as a home user, and within a business environment, Macrium Reflect has been his imaging tool of choice for four years now.


poorly-pc-logoNigel has found Macrium Reflect particularly helpful when a lot of his clients were coming to him for help on managing the Windows 10 upgrade. Nigel was fully expecting things to go wrong and bought a Macrium Technician’s License, which allowed him to take a snapshot just in case he needed to restore to a previous version and start again.

“It was great having Macrium as a comfort blanket and I could be sure that, should I need to, I could get back any data that has been lost. I can dig around to my heart’s content without worrying!”

What makes Macrium such a great tool?

 “Hands down, it has to be the reliability of the software. I can be confident that it will always work and I can get the image back. It is incredibly easy to use and great to see Macrium’s focus on creating such a fantastic backup tool. I’ve always found the support guys to be very helpful, quick and accurate when answering my queries”.

Download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect for Home or Business use.

Overwhelming survey response!

macrium-discFrom everyone at Macrium we want to say a massive thank you to over 7,000 of you who took time to fill out our research survey! We are truly overwhelmed with the response rate and look forward to sifting through the results to create a fascinating research report that we can benchmark over time to determine changes in the backup and disk recovery market.

Using a random number generator, we have picked out our 10 lucky winners of a free Macrium Reflect Home edition – keep an eye on your emails to see if you hit the jackpot!

Just a little sneak preview, we found it fascinating that over 20% of those surveyed do not currently have an up-to-date backup plan in place and 21% have sadly lost data over the last year.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Macrium!

New CMC helps reduce risks associated with data loss and downtime

cmc_agentIT Works in Scotland have been using Macrium for a number of years to ensure their clients’ desktops and servers are protected should disaster strike. They were one of the first of Macrium’s resellers to trial the new central management console and Martin Paul from IT Works has some great feedback on this fantastic new tool from Macrium Software.

“The software allows IT Works to focus more effectively, thereby effectively reducing the risk associated with data loss and downtime. This gives peace of mind for the client in knowing that their systems/data is available to them when they need it most”.

Shedding light on risks

Martin was pleased that the interface allowed IT Works to quickly and easily shed light on any potential risks and let them know when anything has failed and keep quiet when it hasn’t!

Martin has been particularly impressed by the software updates.

“With any other software updates, there is a 50% chance it may fail and break. But I can trust Macrium updates every time. It is incredibly quick, in fact no other software updates are quite as fast!”

For IT Works, CMC offers them a new commercial opportunity to push out to their client base with a solution that works effectively and easily. Martin and the team at IT Works are looking forward to completing their training.

“The interface is incredibly slick and responsive with support that is second to none”.

You can download a 30-day trial of the CMC here.

Helping Brooklyn PC Clinic look good with their clients

brooklyn-pc-clinic-logoMacrium spoke to Mike Jonas from Brooklyn PC Clinic in New York who offer computer repair and support services to home and businesses.

Mike has been installing Macrium Reflect on home and business user’s computers for some time now and is very complimentary about the popular backup and recovery solution.

“I love Macrium Reflect. It always works for me and most importantly of all, I trust it to work every time”.

Mike works with a number of small businesses and residential users and spends a lot of time trying to educate his customers on the value of backing up their data. Sadly, they often don’t realise the importance until it’s too late.

Mike has used a number of other backup solutions in the past, but finds that Macrium Reflect has more things going for it.
“The other solutions can be a bit hit or miss and I was never 100% confident that they were doing their job. In particular, Reflect’s bootable rescue media has been a great tool for repairing Windows boot problems and has got me out of many a hole in the past!”

Mike particularly likes the differential backups.

“Whatever the developers did, they’ve done a great job! Macrium has saved me hours rather than having to go back and restore factory images. Macrium always makes me look good with my clients!”

Under the gun with 5 hours to spare

We love hearing from our users, especially when Reflect has helped save someone’s bacon! Laurence describes his issues below:

Well, it seemed like a simple problem at first. Clone the 120GB HDD in my laptop to a Samsung 120GB SSD connected by USB so I could then swap the drives. But it wasn’t.

I killed a few hours using the Samsung software. The drive appeared to be cloned, I could see the files and folders and partitions, but when I inserted it in the laptop and changed the BIOS, it would immediately freeze on a text screen with just a blinking cursor.

Then I tried AOMEI for a few hours with no better result…

Then hours and hours with Partition Wizard MiniTool…

Then back to Samsung and back again to MiniTool…

Each one appeared to be okay but wouldn’t boot-and each one analyzed the others and said they were corrupt or incorrect.

Then I tried Macrium Reflect… and it worked the first time!! I was trying to get this done in time to get the upgrade to Windows 10 on the SSD, and I made it with five hours to spare.

Thank you, thank you, Macrium. Great program!


Macrium to speak and exhibit at IP Expo London

sm-ipexpoIt has been our pleasure to attend a number of IP Expos now, from the inaugural IP Expo Manchester to the long standing IP Expo Europe in London. So this October, our Sales Director Stephen Macpherson will be gracing the Backup and Availability Theatre stage with a talk entitled, Backup: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

From the number one reason for data loss to some cringe worthy data disaster stories; we will share our latest reseller research. Stephen will also cover end-point data security through backup, software appliance and innovations in cloud backup. The presentation will conclude with a demo of the exciting new Macrium Reflect central management console which allows IT Administrators to deploy and manage large numbers of backups across the enterprise.

Lots of our staff will be on hand on our exhibition stand to demo our latest product updates and answer any questions you may have. We will also have some fun giveaways to share with you so watch this space!

Visit the IP Expo website to find out more about the event and to arrange your free badge, we’d love to see you there!

Download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect for Home or Business use.

Best boot forward in Estonia

We talk to Rando Sui from Skywish OÜ in Estonia about how he recently discovered our backup and recovery solution, Macrium Reflect.

Best boot forward

Rando had been looking for a new backup and recovery solution to sell onto his clients. Something that was fast, reliable and worked effectively. After some research Rando discovered Macrium Reflect.

“I was pleasantly surprised to discover Macrium Reflect and the great features it bought to the table. By far the best feature offered was not needing to prepare a boot menu in advance and being able to get the image straight from the network, it certainly did the trick!”.

Sawing off time

Rando’s client is Cambimill Sakala who operate in timber sawing in Estonia. They needed a full backup and recovery solution that could easily restore images.

“Our client needed to backup their production and desktop computers and wanted to feel confident that the backup was working at all times.”

Before using Macrium, the client had been using tape based backup and sadly this had led to data disaster. A secretary had been using this tape based solution for a couple of years and had been diligently changing the tape each morning. Sadly it wasn’t until something went wrong and they needed to restore that they realised the backup hadn’t been working for all that time!

Rando is confident that Macrium is the right backup and recovery solution for all their reseller needs.

“We’ve been so impressed with the solution that we intend on selling into all our customers in Estonia!”.