Visit us at IP Expo Manchester

We’re delighted that we will be exhibiting and speaking again at IP Expo Manchester, UK on 26-27 April. A busy event, it attracts CIOs, heads of IT, security specialists, heads of insight and tech experts.

This will be our 3rd year at the event and we’re looking forward to meeting faces old and new again! Our Sales Director Stephen Macpherson will be talking through the results of our recent market research, as we discovered some honest views on cloud backup and whether respondents are still utilising a belts and braces approach to backup, and just how often do people run a test restore?! Stephen will finish by covering the latest on Macrium’s backup and recovery solution and what the future holds.

If you are interested in attending the event you can register for free and pop and visit us on Stand M270, we will be giving away our legendary USB ‘slaps’!

46% of backup users have never completed a test restore

Late last year, we ran a highly successful piece of market research where we surveyed over 7,000 backup and disk recovery software users. The resulting survey we titled:
The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same for Backup!

Divided up by business and home users, the survey looks into views towards cloud backup as well as frequency of backup and if they have suffered data loss, what the cause was.

The top headlines from the research include:

  • 78% of respondents have lost data over the last year, despite 73% having a backup solution in place at the time
  • 70% of home users are not currently using cloud backup with 46% stating trust, security and privacy as the reason why
  • 46% of those surveyed have never undertaken a test restore

Our results do demonstrate the growing global trend for cloud that has been forecasted for a few years but taken longer to mature than most people expected.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve only gone and launched Macrium Reflect 7, which is EVEN faster and allows users to easily test their backups to verify the recoverability of the data. We recommend that users test the recoverability of backups as frequently as possible. Find out more about all the latest features.


New distribution partnership with Renaissance

renaissance-contingency-services-logoWe’re excited to announce that we’re further expanding our European reach as we have signed a new distribution partnership with Renaissance Contingency Services in Ireland.

Renaissance is a value add distributor specialising in continuity management, data security and compliance and will give Macrium a fantastic opportunity to expand our customer base and continue to grow in the Irish and wider EMEA market.

As you may be aware, we are set to release Macrium Reflect 7 at the end of February, adding exciting new features for image based backup and disaster. We continue to transition business sales into the channel and partnering with Renaissance will be instrumental in continuing this process.

We continue to do extremely well globally and therefore are delighted to add Renaissances to our trusted distributor network as it will allow our to focus and effectively deliver our solution into the Irish market.

Stephen Macpherson, Global Sales Director, states “We are excited to partner with Renaissance Contingency Services as we continue to expand our sales offering and mature our partner network. Our upcoming release of Macrium Reflect 7 will take our disaster recovery software to a new level and our relationship with Renaissance is essential to our growth in the Irish market.”

Helping Poorly PCs

Macrium speak to Nigel Poore who runs Poorly PC, a Suffolk based PC support company who provide help to small businesses across the country.

Imaging tool of choice

Nigel has been using Macrium Reflect for around 8 years now as a home user, and within a business environment, Macrium Reflect has been his imaging tool of choice for four years now.


poorly-pc-logoNigel has found Macrium Reflect particularly helpful when a lot of his clients were coming to him for help on managing the Windows 10 upgrade. Nigel was fully expecting things to go wrong and bought a Macrium Technician’s License, which allowed him to take a snapshot just in case he needed to restore to a previous version and start again.

“It was great having Macrium as a comfort blanket and I could be sure that, should I need to, I could get back any data that has been lost. I can dig around to my heart’s content without worrying!”

What makes Macrium such a great tool?

 “Hands down, it has to be the reliability of the software. I can be confident that it will always work and I can get the image back. It is incredibly easy to use and great to see Macrium’s focus on creating such a fantastic backup tool. I’ve always found the support guys to be very helpful, quick and accurate when answering my queries”.

Download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect for Home or Business use.

Overwhelming survey response!

macrium-discFrom everyone at Macrium we want to say a massive thank you to over 7,000 of you who took time to fill out our research survey! We are truly overwhelmed with the response rate and look forward to sifting through the results to create a fascinating research report that we can benchmark over time to determine changes in the backup and disk recovery market.

Using a random number generator, we have picked out our 10 lucky winners of a free Macrium Reflect Home edition – keep an eye on your emails to see if you hit the jackpot!

Just a little sneak preview, we found it fascinating that over 20% of those surveyed do not currently have an up-to-date backup plan in place and 21% have sadly lost data over the last year.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Macrium!

New Feature: Automatic System Restore

Note: These steps require Macrium Reflect v6.3 or later. To upgrade to the latest release take the ‘Other Tasks’ > ‘Check for updates’ menu option.

This post describes the steps involved to setup a ‘one-click’ system restore. Using Macrium Reflect you can automatically and easily return a Windows PC to a previously imaged system recovery point.

  • System restore is completed without any user interaction during the restore process.
  • Using Rapid Delta Restore (RDR) recovery is fast!
  • BitLocker encrypted drives can be restored without requiring re-encryption after restore.
  • The restore can be password protected to prevent accidental or unauthorised recovery.

Add the Macrium recovery boot menu

The first step is to add the Macrium boot menu. Take ‘Other Tasks’ > ‘Add Recovery Boot Menu’ in Macrium reflect and follow the instructions here: Adding a boot menu option for system Image recovery.

Adding a boot menu is optional but will enable simple one-click restore when the PC starts.
Without a boot menu you can still automatically restore by booting into optical rescue media or an external USB drive.

Create an image of drive C:

Start Macrium Reflect, select ‘Image this partition only…’ for drive C.

Choose a location that will be accessible when the recovery media boots, this could be a spare partition on an internal drive or an external USB disk or flash drive.
In this example we’ll choose drive ‘F:\’, an internal partition.

Prepare the auto restore XML file

Once the image completes we can prepare the xml file to automatically restore the image. To do this we need to step through the restore wizard but we aren’t going to start the restore.

Start Macrium Reflect, click the ‘Restore’ tab, select the image created above and click the ‘Restore Image’ link.

In the Wizard that opens, click through to the final wizard page and press the Ctrl+Shift+S keys together.

In the save dialog that opens, save the file ‘macrium_restore.xml’ to the root of any local drive that is accessible when Windows PE starts,

In this example we’re saving to the root of the same drive that contains the image file, drive ‘F:\’.

Note: Do not save to drive C: as this drive be overwritten during the restore process.

Password protect the restore

The auto restore can be password protected for security. Instead of Ctrl+Shift+S press Ctrl+Shift+P and a Password dialog is displayed:

After entering a password you’ll be prompted with the ‘Save As’ dialog as shown above.

This password must be entered to start the restore process.

Finally, Open Windows Explorer, navigate to ‘macrium_restore.xml‘ and make the file read-only, This ensures that the restore can be repeated. If the file is not read-only it will be deleted as soon as the restore starts.Right click on ‘Macrium_Restore.xml’, select ‘Properties’, click ‘Read-only’ and click ‘OK’:

That’s it! Now whenever you take the Macrium System Recovery boot menu option your system will be automatically restored using the image created above.

New CMC helps reduce risks associated with data loss and downtime

cmc_agentIT Works in Scotland have been using Macrium for a number of years to ensure their clients’ desktops and servers are protected should disaster strike. They were one of the first of Macrium’s resellers to trial the new central management console and Martin Paul from IT Works has some great feedback on this fantastic new tool from Macrium Software.

“The software allows IT Works to focus more effectively, thereby effectively reducing the risk associated with data loss and downtime. This gives peace of mind for the client in knowing that their systems/data is available to them when they need it most”.

Shedding light on risks

Martin was pleased that the interface allowed IT Works to quickly and easily shed light on any potential risks and let them know when anything has failed and keep quiet when it hasn’t!

Martin has been particularly impressed by the software updates.

“With any other software updates, there is a 50% chance it may fail and break. But I can trust Macrium updates every time. It is incredibly quick, in fact no other software updates are quite as fast!”

For IT Works, CMC offers them a new commercial opportunity to push out to their client base with a solution that works effectively and easily. Martin and the team at IT Works are looking forward to completing their training.

“The interface is incredibly slick and responsive with support that is second to none”.

You can download a 30-day trial of the CMC here.