Introducing Macrium Incorporated!

Globally our hard work has been paying off as we celebrate double digit sales growth this year. The US market is particularly strong for us and we’re excited to be searching for a new office location in Boston, which will be our first office in the US. Our Sales Director, Stephen Macpherson, recently popped over the pond to spend some time with our distributor Prianto and will soon be hiring a local team to support our partners and manage all in-territory sales opportunities. Watch out for Macrium Inc.!

We continue to be overwhelmed with the positive feedback we are given from resellers in the US, some of whom have been advocates of Macrium for several years. They trust the speed and reliability of our image-based backup solutions and their loyalty and knowledge provides a strong foundation for our future success. With the support and proactive nature of Prianto US, we are experiencing strong growth and confidence that our partners in the US are well supported with a team who have strong technical pre-sales, quote support and order management.

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A week of slapping and shooting!

Last week was a busy one as we alternated between ‘slapping’ USBs on visitors to IP Expo Manchester and then enjoyed a day shooting clay pigeons at a fantastically run Prianto UK reseller’s event.

The team at Macrium started the week by descending on IP Expo Manchester en masse as we spoke to the hundreds of visitors looking for a reliable and fast backup and recovery solution. Our Sales Director Stephen Macpherson delivered a presentation on Defence Against the Dark Arts which was very well received by a packed theatre, so full that it was standing room only! We also had lots of fun slapping our ever popular USB sticks onto delegates.

The Macrium Team at IPEXPO Manchester

After Manchester, we whizzed back down south to the Royal Berkshire Shooting School where we donned our flat caps and sponsored Prianto UK’s reseller event. Much fun was had as we attempted to shoot at clay ‘rabbits’ and tried our luck at hard overhead shots. It was really great to meet some existing and potential resellers, especially as we look at further developing our UK partner programme.

Stephen shooting

As a special treat we have 10 free ‘slaps’ to giveaway! First 10 people to re-tweet this post, or tweet a link using @macriumreflect will win themselves this 8gb USB stick.

Macrium Slaps!
Photo by Jovile Bartkeviciute ‏(@jovilebart on Twitter)

Friday Frolics

the-tech-report-logoYou may be aware that we recently ran a giveaway for the popular Tech Report site. Part of the competition was to list your worst data disaster and boy are there some good ones! From revengeful siblings, romance over a data disaster to backup tapes so well used that the magnetic tape was clear! Even a lawyer who left in a rather dramatic fashion attempting to wipe his work laptop and destroy the data however leaving behind a gb of porn and some rather incriminating emails!

Well worth a read for a bit of afternoon fun! Congratulations to the winners and you can read their stories here.

Remember if you’re a Tech Report Subscriber then you can get access to some great discount coupons to use in our Macrium store.

Macrium Says Relax!

Pasted image at 2015_07_31 03_10 PMSit back and relax. Boil the kettle and make a cup of tea. Maybe light a scented candle or two. You’re using Macrium Reflect, there’s no need to panic! IT Administrators using Macrium Reflect have a backup solution that provides peace of mind, speed and reliability, and ease of use.

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Fancy a slap?

20150520_115619 (1)Phew! What a morning! I’m sat here at IP Expo Manchester surrounded by visitors and feeling rather pleased with how it’s going.

This is the first year that IP Expo has hit Manchester and the first time Macrium has exhibited at a show. IP Expo must be thrilled with the visitors as we really haven’t stopped chatting to delegates all morning. Read More »