It’s finally here — Macrium Reflect v6 Free

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In February we released Macrium v6 including one edition targeted for home users and a further three for business users. v6 is a large step forwards in speed, simplicity and flexibility. As always, with a purchase of v6, Macrium’s renowned support is included. For business users this can be extended to include phone support and annual renewal for ongoing support.

For home users who only need to do occasional clones or ad hoc full backups, we have always had a free edition. This has been downloaded over 4 million times and has a very active user base. Until now the free edition has remained on the v5.3 codebase.

To thank the Reflect free community for their support and efforts to make our software more widely known, we would now like to announce the release of the v6 free edition. It is built on the new v6 codebase and contains the following new features:


We hope you will enjoy the improvements and continue to spread the word.

Please note that v6 free edition is licensed is for non-commercial home use only.

Download Macrium Reflect v6 Free

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