Protect and recover critical data at scale

Centralized backup management

The logistics of managing dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of computers can quickly get complicated. Throw in a population of employees working from home, across state lines, or in other countries and the word “complicated” hardly seems adequate.

Enter Macrium’s solution - Site Manager. Businesses can manage multiple instances of Reflect from one sleek,

intuitive portal. This management platform makes security and rapid recovery at scale so easy, it’s hard to imagine ever working without it.

Best of all? It’s completely free.

Portable backup and imaging

Additionally, when you add the Macrium Deployment Kit to your toolbelt, your IT team becomes a lean, efficient machine. And if you’re a large company with multiple large worksites, Macrium Multi Site allows you to manage several instances of Site Manager from a single location.


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Site Manager

Manage multiple instances of Macrium Reflect in a single, easy to use interface


A cloud-based tool to remotely connect and manage multiple Macrium Site Manager installations.

Deployment Kit

Deploy PCs and servers at scale with the Macrium Deployment Kit

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