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Posted at Mar 23 2023, 12:00h in backup Macrium Software, Marketing

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It’s been said and repeated countless times, but data is the most valuable resource in the world. Your data. Everyone’s data. Companies are still clamoring to learn everything and anything about you to sell on to the highest bidder, hackers are hoping to get a valuable nugget for ransom leverage, and others are just collecting… collecting and waiting for a time when it can be best used. ...

> Read more reported that in 2021 an estimated 79 zettabytes of data was created, captured, copied, and consumed globally; for reference, one zettabyte is equivalent to a billion terabytes. The amount of data that we create grows every year, as a result: so does the amount of data we lose. Data disasters do happen. ...

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Some thoughts on choosing a backup plan when considering offline storage ...

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