Deceptively Simple Deployment

In a digitally transforming world, the need for imaging and deployment software is only becoming greater. Controlling and restoring devices remotely, from PCs and thin clients to laptops and servers, is vital for organizations now that hybrid working is here to stay.

Solving Common Image Deployment Challenges

Despite the increasing need for it, image deployment remains fraught with challenges for IT professionals. These include:

  • The amount of time imaging and deployment can take
  • Complexity of setup and configuration
  • The expense of remote deployment

However, with the right OS deployment tools, these challenges can be significantly alleviated.


  Deploy, monitor, and manage from a single dashboard

  Powerful boot media that works

  Effortless one-touch system deployment

Find out more on the SiteDeploy KnowledgeBase.

What SiteDeploy Can Do For You

Macrium SiteDeploy allows computers to be setup with a clean golden image from a bare metal state, this allows scenarios such as:

  • Returning a computer or server to a known state to recover from software problems (servers, other)
  • Roll out updated software or OS to a group of computers (POS terminals, workstations)
  • Reset multiple computers to a known state (classroom, office)
  • Get a computer up and working after a hardware failure (failed HD)
  • Install a custom system image on a computer or server before shipping (system builder)
  • Deploy new images or reset to a known image for remote sites or for remote users
  • Monitor and control deployments from a central location


Pricing Information


  • Small to-medium-sized businesses - For performing unlimited deployments to between 50 and 200 computers, SiteDeploy starts at $20/£14.60/€16.60 per endpoint
  • Larger enterprises - Split-site and high-volume deployment licensing is available - contact us to open a discussion 
  • System builders - Per-deployment licensing is available for system builders - please contact our sales team to discuss your needs 

SiteDeploy’s Key Features


SiteDeploy has been carefully designed to solve the everyday image deployment challenges your IT team faces. It addresses the problems experienced in a wide range of roles and organizations - from businesses where compliance is key, to government, healthcare and other security conscious environments. Here’s how.

Simple Licensing - Endpoints or deployments, not workstation or server - we keep it simple

  • Unlimited repeat deployments to same endpoint/year or a simple deployment count, depending on your plan
  • Scalable licensing as your business grows - add extra bundles as you need - flexible licensing available (available on Flex plans)


Macrium’s Trusted and Rapid Imaging

  • Great for compliance cultures, trusted by governments, health and other security conscious verticals
  • Hardware-Agnostic Deployment - Easy driver harvesting handles critical drivers and Macrium ReDeploy handles dissimilar hardware. Automatic partition resizing during deployment 


Integration with Macrium Site Manager

  • Access a complete backup and restore solution with Macrium’s integrated product range
  • Start a trial of Macrium SiteDeploy® directly from the Macrium Site Manager interface 
  • Add an existing SiteDeploy license to unlock full deployment capability
  • Use Macrium Site Manager agent data to identify and preconfigure deployments to known hardware
  • Import Macrium Site Manager backups for use as golden images


Golden Image Management

  • Connect multiple golden image stores. Set up storage at remote locations to keep network traffic local
  • Macrium Image Guardian provides anti-ransomware protection for golden images
  • Up to 60 parallel deployments per golden image store


Universal Deployment Media

  • Powerful, trusted boot media works on different firmware. Automated connection to Site Manager provides separation of roles and responsibilities
  • PXE Server built-in and network-friendly or use your own
  • Easily create golden image of a reference machine
  • Windows PE offline image deployment (via usb)
  • Removes need for authentication and storage architecture knowledge at the endpoint


Single Pane of Glass

  • Remotely deploy and monitor from the Site Manager console
  • Offline activation for Flex plans
  • Built-in sysprep answer files make deploying sysprepped images easier
  • Advanced notifications and log history (track number of unique deployed endpoints per year)
  • User and role-based management


How It Works

Capture your golden image: Prepare your reference machine (virtual or physical), run sysprep to put into OOBE mode and capture your golden image

Automatically connect to SiteManager console with the powerful new deployment media

Login and trigger the deployment from the target machine OR deploy to multiple machines simultaneously from SiteDeploy

An OS Deployment Tool That Just Works

SiteDeploy is the imaging and deployment software that could save you hours or even days on OS imaging and deployment. Try it before you commit - click below to start a free 30-day trial or contact us to find out what SiteDeploy can do for your organisation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will happen when my subscription ends?
A: SiteDeploy is a subscription product, so if your SiteDeploy Manager subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use the product. However, you can easily add extra endpoints if you run out of available endpoints to deploy to and/or renew when your subscription expires.
Your golden images are built using the same tried and trusted technology found in Macrium Reflect, so you can still access them using our normal version of Reflect or Technicians License, you just won't be able to redeploy to multiple machines.
System builders will need to add additional deployment bundles to the SiteDeploy Manager.

Q. Can I deploy to an offline computer?
A. Yes, while SiteDeploy’s automated connectivity with Site Manager saves you significant time and complexity by allowing you to manage and deploy your golden images from the network, the powerful boot media provides all the tools you need to use an image on a portable storage device.
Note: Offline deployments count towards your license usage.

Q: How is deployment different to backup and restore?
A. Backup and restore processes are best for managing backups on workstations or servers where local content changes on a regular basis and you generally need to restore data to the same computer… whereas deployment replicates a reference machine (a golden image) to multiple machines. Administrators typically prepare a clean OS installation; configure for a common use case and run sysprep, and then capture the golden image, allowing it to be deployed to one or many computers - new or old. ReDeploy ensures the computer can restart and boot reliably whatever the differences in hardware, allowing Windows to take care of the non-critical drivers.

Q: I'm interested in learning more about purchasing SiteDeploy - what do I do?
A: SiteDeploy is currently only available through our valued resellers. For any purchasing questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your closest Macrium sales team: