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Here in the northern hemisphere, summer has rolled round again, bringing record temperatures across Europe and North America with it. While a cold shower or an icecream might be enough to cool us down, things aren’t so simple for the devices that we trust to store our data. Have you ever wondered why data centres are so cold? The answer is slightly more complex than “to keep the IT people cool”. ...

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The unit cost of electricity has risen significantly in the last few months and is expected to remain high for the foreseeable future. This is an opportunity to review your energy usage. The annual cost of powering devices that are continuously powered can be high. We use a NAS device as an example, but you should review all devices that are continuously powered. ...

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Posted at Apr 19 2022, 12:00h in backup-storage Jack Mansfield, Marketing

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One of the questions we see most at Macrium Software is: what type of storage ...

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Posted at Jun 18 2019, 09:39h in macrium Macrium Software, Marketing

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