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Using Macrium Reflect, it is possible to clone an entire drive or specific partitions on a drive. This is useful if you are upgrading to a larger drive and can often be faster than imaging the source drive and restoring to the destination drive. Cloning your drive will create a bootable copy of the source drive with the state it was in at the time the clone took place. You can clone to a drive installed in your computer or to a drive that is attached using a USB caddy. ...

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Posted at May 25 2022, 12:00h in backup Jack Mansfield, Marketing

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As the amount of data we create continues to grow, the amount of data we lose increases in tandem. According to, 21% of people have never made a backup! For those people, experiencing data loss can mean that data is lost forever. Creating a backup ensures that this is not the case and data loss is only a temporary set back. ...

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The following applies identically to image backups and clones. For brevity, ...

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