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It’s been said and repeated countless times, but data is the most valuable resource in the world. Your data. Everyone’s data. Companies are still clamoring to learn everything and anything about you to sell on to the highest bidder, hackers are hoping to get a valuable nugget for ransom leverage, and others are just collecting… collecting and waiting for a time when it can be best used. ...

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The first hard disk, the IBM 350, was introduced in September, 1956 as part of the RAMAC (Random Access Memory Accounting) system. Although the IBM 350 may not look like the hard disk drives (HDDs) we know and still love today, it was the start of the storage media that dominated the computer storage sector. ...

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I won’t go on about how 2020 has been a difficult year. It has — and there are many reasons to be thankful that it’s over. However, the challenges of the sheer strangeness of 2020 have taught us many lessons, particularly when it comes to resilience — digital or otherwise. ...

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Posted at Dec 11 2020, 12:00h in coronavirus Richard Gall, Marketing

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Cloning a Disk with Macrium Reflect 7Everyone knows how exciting it is to get a ...

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Posted at Feb 12 2019, 02:56h in backup Adriana Rocha Ceres, Marketing

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For the last three years, we held a quick #MacriumPoll on Twitter to get an ...

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Posted at Dec 11 2018, 02:33h in recovery Adriana Rocha Ceres, Marketing

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