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A growing number of schools encounter cyberattacks through ransomware. These attacks can destroy budgets and interfere with learning. ...

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Manchester, England has a rich history of scientific and technological contributions. It also happens to be where Macrium Software’s head office is located. While we obviously think we’re great in our own right, our place in the rich tapestry of Manchester’s history doesn’t hold a candle to these others. ...

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Posted at Mar 3 2022, 12:00h in education Jack Mansfield, Marketing

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Digital transformation has been instrumental in improving educational ...

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Posted at May 26 2020, 12:00h in backup Richard Gall, Marketing

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The school summer break is nearly over, the kids and teachers are on holiday. ...

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Posted at Aug 28 2018, 12:48h in macrium-reflect Macrium Software, Marketing

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