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The first hard disk, the IBM 350, was introduced in September, 1956 as part of the RAMAC (Random Access Memory Accounting) system. Although the IBM 350 may not look like the hard disk drives (HDDs) we know and still love today, it was the start of the storage media that dominated the computer storage sector. ...

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Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID Partition Table (GPT), are two different ways of storing partition and boot information on a disk. Understanding these partitioning schemes is essential to understanding how information is stored on your storage devices and choosing the correct partitioning scheme for your scenario. ...

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Posted at Jan 20 2022, 12:00h in di̇sk Jack Mansfield, Marketing

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One of the most interesting new features in Macrium Reflect 8 is exFAT support. If you’re not an operating system enthusiast, that might not mean much to you — however, it’s significant because it gives Reflect the ability to backup removable storage devices. ...

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Posted at Feb 4 2021, 12:00h in cybersecurity Richard Gall, Marketing

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Macrium Reflect can restore disk partitions exactly as they were when the ...

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Posted at Sep 20 2016, 09:39h in winpe Macrium Software, Marketing

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As with Rapid Delta Restore (RDR), which we looked at last week, the concept of ...

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Posted at Jul 26 2016, 09:00h in devteam Macrium Software, Marketing

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