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And more importantly, will it work? In previous posts we discussed how Macrium Reflect and Microsoft Windows 11 work together. In this article, we wanted to take a closer look at the new operating system itself, and what Microsoft’s choices indicate about their plans for what’s to come. But with many things, to get a clear picture of the future, one must briefly look at the past. ...

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Posted at Oct 13 2021, 12:00h in hardware Erin Osborne, Marketing

Categories: hardware, microsoft, security, software, software-development, windows

Macrium Reflect 8 will be launched very soon. As it’s Valentine’s Day this month, we thought it would make sense to highlight the many different things you’ll love about the new version. ...

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Posted at Feb 1 2021, 12:00h in backup Richard Gall, Marketing

Categories: backup, cybersecurity, data-protection, infosec, software

There are many challenges that are part and parcel of being an MSP: managing customers with very different needs and demands, dealing with complex and untidy infrastructures and legacy systems, and, of course, the battle to win new business. ...

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Recently we spoke to Macrium Technical Director Alex Stevenson about Site Manager, Macrium’s console for centralized backup management. In it, we hinted at some imminent changes — today (25th August) those have been released. ...

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why-you-need-a-replacement-for-norton-ghost-555abfcc064d ...

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Posted at Aug 18 2020, 12:00h in backup Richard Gall, Marketing

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