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Here at Macrium, we often get asked by users whether they should use WinPE ...

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Posted at Jul 14 2020, 12:00h in macrium-reflect Macrium Software, Marketing

Categories: macrium-reflect, winre, macrium, rescue-media, winpe

Macrium Reflect Rescue Media is a powerful tool that allows users to enter a ...

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Posted at May 7 2019, 11:03h in winpe Macrium Software, Marketing

Categories: winpe, v, troubleshooting, microsoft, rescue-media

This article is for Restoring an image from within Windows PE Rescue Media. For ...

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Posted at Aug 22 2017, 09:27h in backup Saul Painter, Marketing

Categories: backup, macrium, restore, windows-pe, winpe

To use a USB stick as a boot device, Windows requires a Master Boot Record ...

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Posted at Feb 14 2017, 10:18h in product Macrium Software, Marketing

Categories: product, winpe, techie-tuesday