New CMC helps reduce risks associated with data loss and downtime

cmc_agentIT Works in Scotland have been using Macrium for a number of years to ensure their clients’ desktops and servers are protected should disaster strike. They were one of the first of Macrium’s resellers to trial the new central management console and Martin Paul from IT Works has some great feedback on this fantastic new tool from Macrium Software.

“The software allows IT Works to focus more effectively, thereby effectively reducing the risk associated with data loss and downtime. This gives peace of mind for the client in knowing that their systems/data is available to them when they need it most”.

Shedding light on risks

Martin was pleased that the interface allowed IT Works to quickly and easily shed light on any potential risks and let them know when anything has failed and keep quiet when it hasn’t!

Martin has been particularly impressed by the software updates.

“With any other software updates, there is a 50% chance it may fail and break. But I can trust Macrium updates every time. It is incredibly quick, in fact no other software updates are quite as fast!”

For IT Works, CMC offers them a new commercial opportunity to push out to their client base with a solution that works effectively and easily. Martin and the team at IT Works are looking forward to completing their training.

“The interface is incredibly slick and responsive with support that is second to none”.

You can download a 30-day trial of the CMC here.

Macrium Central Management Console in a Nutshell

It’s finally here! We’re pleased to announce the release of Macrium’s Central Management Console (CMC). To tell us a bit more about CMC and Macrium’s plans for the future, we speak to Stephen Macpherson, Sales Director at Macrium Software.

What made Macrium decide to create a CMC?

We had been getting lots of requests from our customer base for a management tool and it was a very obvious extension to our product portfolio as well as a nice compliment to the speed and power of the Macrium Reflect family.

What are the main features of the CMC?

I think the main feature is the ability to manage large numbers of Macrium Reflect end-point back up agents making the job of the IT Administrator much easier. They can simply manage deployment of the agents, quickly configure backup jobs, manage repositories and monitor the backup process. Of course, the recovery is vital too and incredibly fast and easy.

You can see a full list of all the features here and also try out a free trial!

How does CMC work with the existing Macrium Reflect product family?

All existing stand-alone products will work with the CMC although they do need to be version 6.1 or later. Almost all Reflect products can be incorporated into the CMC which makes central management much more straight forward than in the past.

Who do you see benefiting from the new CMC?

It will benefit administrators who already have Macrium solutions in their estate and want to reduce their administrative workload. They may also want to take advantage of the great backup capabilities we have across more machines, and CMC allows you to do that really easily.

What’s next for Macrium?

We’re currently looking into integration with cloud backup repositories which we have already been testing and at the same time considering a managed service provider version. We will continue to provide a steady stream of updates supporting the latest versions of Microsoft operating systems.

You can read more about the CMC (and download it for free) here!!