The answer to my prayers

We really do love hearing from our happy customers, especially when our software has been able to swoop in and save the day! Tom was no exception and he has a great story to tell:

Dear Macrium,
I just thought you should know what an excellent experience I had with your software this afternoon. It’s a classic tale of one geek’s quest for SSD speeds in his Ivy Bridge laptop, which I’m sure you can relate to.

My 850 EVO arrived this morning and – as this was the first time I had cloned a HDD – I turned to the internet for guidance, none of flatmates being too keen on acronyms. My first port of call was a leading provider of backup solutions, which was recommended by a reputable techtuber. It was with dismay however that I downloaded the free trial only to find that it did not offer the only feature I wanted – disk cloning. Muttering pagan cursewords under my breath, I uninstalled the shamware and returned to the great database in the sky, this time taking to that bastion of PC knowledge, r/pcmasterrace.

I was pointed to a free cloning program, which had apparently worked wonders for one redditor on multiple occasions. Excited to finally solve my problem (and with free software, no less) I clicked the “download” button with uncharacteristic gusto.

Program installed.
Source and target locked in.
Progress bars, reflected in my glasses, blossomed into green like a periodot sunrise.
In a storm of SATA cables I freed my new drive from the confines of my desktop, wrestling it into my laptop chassis.
Screws tightened, I opened the laptop lid and reached, trembling, for the power button.

Your computer needs to be repaired.
Critical components could not be found

In despair, I once again prepared my weary drives for the data transfusion. How much longer could this go on for? I offered the usual prayer to the great DIY god: “It was only supposed to be a five minute job!”

Though I did not yet know it, in another thread, in another time, someone had penned the words that would answer my prayers.

Those words were “Macrium Reflect.”

I would seriously like to congratulate you on your setup. When I go looking for a disk cloning utility, I don’t want to shell out £50+ on trust for a product that might not work, but nor do I want to install useless freeware on my system which can’t do the job and has virtually no customer support.

In your case I downloaded the trial, gave it a go, saw that it works and was immediately sold. I bought my license less than an hour ago.

I hope in some way this message has brightened your day, as your work has brightened mine.

Kind regards


Thank you Tom, it has indeed!


When “free” is always great value for money!

We continue to be amazed by the incredible popularity of our Macrium Reflect Free Edition product that tops over 150 thousand downloads per month.  These global downloads means that we have an active installed base of the Free Edition that tops 4 million!  Just last week we released v6 Free Edition, and the same day we experienced an 80% jump in downloads and website hits.
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No “Clone Wars” at Macrium!

RDCAs with Rapid Delta Restore (RDR) the concept of Rapid Delta Clone (RDC) has been something that has been thought about for quite some time here at Macrium Software. We wanted to build a clone solution that would effectively and rapidly copy only the differences between the source and target file systems. The advantage of this is obvious, RDC offers similar a performance increase as an Incremental disk image offers over a Full image and enables regular clones to become a viable and fast DR solution.

How does it work?Read More »

Data Protection Gumbo: The Lonely Administrator

gumboMacrium Software’s very own Stephen Macpherson, Sales Director, was proud to be interviewed by Demetrius Malbrough who runs a very successful Data Protection Gumbo podcast series.

The podcast covers:

  • Macrium’s journey and the huge success it’s enjoying in the marketplace
  • What’s driving change in backup and disk recovery
  • The “Lonely IT Administrator” and how Macrium can help make their lives easier
  • The “secret sauce” driving Macrium’s success and the subsequent large numbers of downloads

You can listen to the podcast here Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog post I want to cover some of the common questions, issues and information we have been getting. Aside from the new edition of Macrium Reflect itself the biggest changes we have made recently is to the online buying process and while we have tried to explain in advance what is happening I thinking some points could do with repeating and listed below are some of the FAQs we’re coming across.Read More »

Proud of our roots

IPExpo2015As part of our sales and marketing ramp up in 2015, we’ve gone and signed up for our first exhibition! This year is about spreading the word on our spectacular backup and disk recovery solution and what better way than meeting as many of you lovely people face to face as we can!

We’re proud of our Manchester roots and therefore when we found out about IP Expo Manchester we realised we’ve found the perfect exhibition to showcase our software.  Part of the large IP Expo London series, IP Expo are hitting Manchester for the first time this year from 20-21 May at Manchester Central. This is the UK’s and Europe’s leading IT Infrastructure event series and we’re very excited to be part of it.Read More »

A great tool for your utility belt

As the regulatory body for commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has a fairly important role! As an independent agency they ensure the safe use of radioactive materials and protect people and the environment.

Working in Information Resources within this field, you want a solution you can REALLY trust! The NRC have been using Macrium for over 5 years now and the main reason for their continued use is how easy our backup and recovery solution is to use.

The NRC have found Macrium’s scheduling tool particularly effective as each reactor overseen by the NRC has a workstation attached that is backed up remotely. If this workstation fails then the reactor monitoring halts until a restore is completed. Macrium has given them the confidence that all of these very important workstations and servers are securely and safely backed up, and can be quickly recovered when disaster strikes.

But don’t just take our word for it….

“I’ve found it fantastic to be able to have a live backup running whilst the server is still operational. This is vital for the successful running of the systems. The software is incredible, Macrium have really out done themselves! Having this tool in my toolkit certainly makes my life a lot easier”.

Thomas Magee, Information Resources NRC.