Product Questions

Q: Why does Macrium provide a free backup product?
A: We believe the ability to keep your data safe and secure should be available to everyone.

Q: Is it reliable?
A: Yes, the core Macrium backup engine is common across our product range and trusted worldwide.

Q: Is it fast?
A: For one off backups and clones, yes. However, you will find it much slower than the rest of our product range when used for scheduled backups. We have not intentionally slowed Reflect Free; it is slower because it does not include various Macrium backup acceleration features.

Q: Where is it useful?
A: It is useful for one off backups and clones. We don’t recommend it for continuous / scheduled computer protection. In particular, it does not include:

  • Features needed for fully featured ongoing protection of a computer
  • Ransomware protection of backup files (Macrium Image Guardian)
  • ReDeploy to ensure a restore will boot on new hardware
  • Technical support

Q: Are the backup files compatible with Macrium’s supported products?
A: Yes. If you upgrade to a fully supported product, you can browse and restore backups made with Reflect Free.

Q: Can Reflect Free be centrally deployed and managed?
A: Reflect Free is not compatible with Site Manager.

Licensing Questions

Q: Is it licensed for commercial use?
A: Yes, when registered accordingly, it is licensed for limited use within a corporate environment.

Q: What uses are specifically excluded?

  • Backup of a computer other than that on which it is installed.
  • Restore to a computer other than that backed up, other than its replacement.
  • Install it on a device you do not own for use with any person other than the original registered licensee.
  • Use it on more than 10 concurrent installs across any one organization.

Examples of excluded usage.

Q: Is there a full EULA available?
A: Yes, it is here.

Q: Who should I contact with questions regarding Reflect free licensing?
A: Please send an email to, and we will respond quickly.