How a backup strategy can protect your data from a malware or ransomware attack

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The threats of both malware and ransomware can be mitigated by regularly updating your software and the backing up of company data. Although, it’s software updates that close the digital holes that allow ransomware on to your network, it’s a well-planned backup strategy that will protect all of your critical files and folders.

Ransomware: is a type of malware that is the cause of increasing concern to business leaders across multiple industries. When a business becomes a victim of a ransomware attack, they are typically prevented from accessing all of the files on their corporate network. A successful attack is capable of bringing an entire company to its knees and effectively closing the doors of a business within minutes.

The devastation that ransomware delivers was felt here in the UK when the NHS was crippled by an attack. Both hospitals and GP surgeries across the whole of the UK were affected. Medical professionals were forced to return to pen and paper and even use their own smartphones after the attack affected key systems that included telephones.

However, attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have even been known to target your backup files too. Visiting a malicious website or clicking on a link to what looks like your favourite website could quickly deliver devastating results. Essentially, all files and company data are immediately encrypted making them inaccessible within a few minutes of one employee clicking a rogue link.

Typically, a pop-up window will then appear on workstation monitors asking the user for payment in exchange for access to their data again. The Bitcoin ransom is often the equivalent to hundreds of dollars. These demands will often increase over time until a deadline passes and all files are supposedly destroyed.

Protecting your data:

With both your current files and backups at risk, we created a solution that protects all of your data. Macrium Reflect includes Macrium Image Guardian (MIG) and also protects backup files against ransomware attacks too. Moreover, it prevents any unauthorised modification of any Macrium image backup files on local and USB volumes.

Our security first approach ensures that even when faced with a worst-case scenario, your latest backups will be recoverable. Unlike other antivirus software products, MIG is focused on the single task of protecting Macrium files. The lightweight and robust agent also has a small footprint to ensure that the performance of the protected computers does not suffer.

It’s crucial to remember that backups enable users to recover information without being extorted. With this in mind, ask yourself, how safe are your backups right now? Rather than wait until the inevitable occurs. Maybe it’s time to adopt a more proactive than reactive approach to protecting your company data.

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