Machine Management and Support in Industrial Environments

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Recently, at “Macrium Towers” in Manchester UK, I was discussing with the development team future features for our very popular Macrium Site Manager backup solution. We were reminiscing how in the past we would have been happy with a sale of 10 Server or Workstation licenses simply because standalone installations were our strength and we focused on supporting this kind of customer. Recently we celebrated a deal for over two thousand end-point agents, times have changed and so has the suitability of our solutions for many new and very large customers. On the other hand, one of our traditional markets is still going strong; Microsoft Windows based control systems.

Industrial Strength Reliability Needed

We still sell large numbers of our Macrium Reflect and Server standalone licenses to companies who need a very stable and reliable tool that can run on machines controlling machines. Some of our historically largest customers in the oil and gas, manufacturing, food processing, and health sectors chose Macrium Reflect because they need a tool that they can install, configure and leave to run reliably and provide the recovery, cloning and ReDeploy capabilities needed when things go wrong. Some of these customers have many thousands of licenses, and recently the United States Military Services are deploying Macrium Reflect onto ships and remote facilities. Repeat purchases are frequent and growing in scale.

Why Macrium Reflect?

The application of Windows based systems for the control of manufacturing or processing automation facilities began many years ago in the days of Windows 2000, however, the release of Windows XP in 2001 saw many companies rely heavily on this very popular version of the Microsoft OS for machine control systems. With Macrium Reflect supporting Windows XP and every version since, we have become the backup and DR tool of choice for machines controlling machines.

Next time you are at the dentists, getting an X-ray or MRI scan at your local medical center, filling your car up with fuel, or boiling rice on your gas stove, think that somewhere in the chain of supplying your gas or backing up the MRI Scans, Macrium Reflect is involved!

You can download a 30-day Trial of Macrium Reflect, which includes Macrium Image Guardian, for personal or commercial use.

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