Managing backups — what do you want?

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As we move into the winter months and the fast approaching Christmas; at Macrium we are putting the finishing touches on our new management framework that will be available as a technical preview later this quarter. As you would expect, this kind of product has generated a lot of internal discussions and debate as to what it is we need to focus on.

What we all agreed on is that we need to make sure that the management framework continues the Macrium Reflect tradition of making easy the processes that are most critical. We also agreed that we need to recreate in the management tools and dashboard, all the information that is currently available through the Macrium Reflect user interface, events and logs. This includes the ability to, at a glance, examine the disks and partitions on a system, setup a backup schedule and monitor success or failure.

To make it a true management framework we need to have remote discovery, deployment of agents, management of schedules, backup repositories and reporting. We have had quite a bit of external input into requirements and we expect that the first release will lead to even more enhancements for future versions.

If you want to provide input into this process we would be happy to hear from you by sending us an email to and the title “Management Console Features”.

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