Metered billing for Managed Service Providers

What is the Macrium MSP programme?

To allow us to adapt to the way you sell your services, we are happy to introduce metered billing for Managed Service Providers. The tools and pricing are optimised for partners who wish to manage the backup of PCs and Servers on a customer’s site. You will be able to manage licenses by usage, using Metered License Keys, rather than purchasing a license per PC.

To have access, you need to be a Macrium Valued Partner (MVP). If you are an existing partner, make sure you have the current version of the Macrium Partner portal. If you are new, then register to have access to the Macrium Partner Portal.

The program is open to new and existing partners in territories that are covered by a distribution partner. Check with to find out if your country is included.

How does it work?

As a partner, you will have access to the MSP Portal, and you will be able to generate Metered License Keys for use in deploying agents to PCs and servers. When registered as an MSP, the Metered License keys — for use in Macrium Site Manager (7 or later) — will be available on the partner portal. Once you have logged onto the partner portal, select MSP Portal and click Add License, and submitting the Site name where the key will be used.

The key can then be added to Macrium Site Manager 7 and allow the deployment of agents on a per-site basis. For Workstation and Server licenses, only one Metered Key per site is needed. There is a single Metered License key for both Server and Workstation MAL agents. Each Site requires an individual Metered License key.

Once the Metered License keys are added to a Site Manager instance, they then register with the Macrium Licensing database. It is mandatory that the Site Manager installation has internet access otherwise the keys will disable automatically. You only pay as you use the license.

You can also self-generate a MultiSite Azure sub-domain on the Partner Portal, to be able to manage and monitor your different Site Manager installations easily.

What function does the MultiSite Manager perform?

MultiSite Manager provides central monitoring and access to the different Site Manager instances from a central point and location. It facilitates the administration of the backups for MSPs. To get access to a MultiSite domain, select MultiSite link and enter a subdomain that you want to use eg. if you enter “your domain” it will generate the following name for your Multisite Domain.

Billing and reports

You will receive an invoice from your local Aggregator for the number Agents deployed across your different customers in the previous month. If you are unsure who you local aggregator is you can contact Macrium.

On the last day of the calendar month, a report will be generated from each Site Manager instance that details the type of agents used and the maximum number of agents deployed in the previous month.

This report is known as the Deployed Agents Report, and you will find details of the number of sites and agents deployed. A copy of this will be available on the partner portal.


Financial Solutions

  • This new licensing model allows you more flexibility on your business cash flows and sales compensation packages.
  • With this billing method, thereby ensure higher profit margins.
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay for usage-based on the number of deployed agents
  • Includes the great billing and reporting service provided by our Distribution partners

Change the selling strategy

  • You change the strategy to approach to your clients.
  • You can offer a different package of services and products. Simplifies the bundling of Macrium Reflect backup solutions with other MSP offerings
  • Helps you in the management of clients’ licenses requirements.
  • You have the flexibility to offer Macrium Licenses
  • The reports give you the possibility to add a personalized service to the product
  • You can have data to standardise the products and services.

Automate Processes

  • You can have under control all your client-related issues and get backup reports.
  • Cloud-based management tool allows access from anywhere
  • Ensure better backups performance.
  • Monitoring of data backups, scheduling backups and creating alerts before they cause crises or critical system failure.
  • Help your customers to recover information in the end-points.

Give better service to your customers

  • You can reach new clients and provide better service.
  • Helps to do technical support and post-sale services, improving the user experience.
  • Get better customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Premium 24x7 support is built into the model for MSPs

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