Organisations should be better prepared for data disasters

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Last Monday Myles F. Suer published an article where he stated that companies need to be better prepared for IT failure by doing a better backup. In truth, reading the article made me feel a bit concerned. Are companies still not taking measures to protect against data loss?

Macrium has surveyed over 7000 users of backup and disk recovery software and found the following:

  • 70% of home users are not currently using cloud backup with 46% stating trust, security and privacy as the reason why
  • 46% of those surveyed have never undertaken a test restore

What is stopping companies having a back up plan?

Among all the reasons that Myles presented, what shocked me was to realise the following: not all organisations actually have even a backup and disaster recovery plan. When Myles asked about the reasons, there were the two main ones:

“It is very hard to quickly bring back up large scale, high volume systems with legacy applications and infrastructure”
”It is a struggle decide to invest in improving legacy systems versus implementing new, innovative technology”

Why would you risk your data?

At Macrium we often hear concerns from small businesses about the difficulty to find the right solution and about their reticence to face such an IT investment. We always say that the losses a company can suffer due to data loss are greater than the cost of backup software. It is not a risk worth taking: It can can cost huge amounts of money to retrieve the data and even destroy businesses.

“Recently, both disks of a raid-1 set failed at the same time. Macrium was a lifesaver. We have completely restored the most recent image of the service and we used the more recent backup done the night before to restore all the data. Almost no data loss. Client was very grateful. This was a hardware test for the Macrium Server software and it passed in the best possible way!”

It would never happen to me…

To think that you can be the lucky exception or part of the tiny percent that doesn’t suffer a Data disaster is not a wise mindset to adopt for your business success, especially after the global ransomware attack last month.

When working with data the best back up plan is: be prepared for the worst. There are lots of threats to data security:

  • System failure (hardware and software)
  • Cyber-attacks
  • Natural disasters
  • Leaving the computer near your toddler who is playing with water
“The software allows us to focus more effectively, thereby effectively reducing the risk associated with data loss and downtime. This gives peace of mind for the client in knowing that their systems/data is available to them when they need it most”.

At Macrium we offer a fast and reliable solution that can be tailored to any need. You can have a look at our products and test its suitability by downloading our 30 day Trial for Home or Business use. If questions or concerns come up along your journey, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment. Our technicians are always ready to answer any queries you may have.

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