Ransomware protection is now in Site Manager

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Release notes for Site Manager v7.3.5240

Here at Macrium we’ve been working hard on improving our Site Manager platform. Over the last couple of months we’ve made some exciting changes, but last week we made what we think could be one of the most significant updates since Site Manager was first launched: ransomware protection for repositories that are hosted directly on the Site Manager server.

Although ransomware protection — courtesy of Macrium Image Guardian — has been a feature of the core Macrium Reflect product (and a particularly popular one to boot), owing to the nature of the design of Site Manager and Macrium Agent Licenses (endpoint protection that is installed through Site Manager), ransomware protection wasn’t directly available for users that used Macrium in a remote and centralized manner.

However, we’ve been aware of just how important ransomware protection is for Site Manager users, which is why we’ve spent recent months working hard to add the functionality to the platform. We know that this will be particularly beneficial to MSPs, but for anyone else that uses Site Manager, it will provide an additional layer of protection from ransomware threats.


It’s important to note that for upgrades, ransomware protection with Macrium Image Guardian is not installed by default. After you upgrade, you’ll need to use the ‘Modify install’ feature in the Programs Control Panel in Windows to install it.

You can now extend MIG protection to backups stored on your NAS by use of an iSCSI target. Read more on the Macrium Knowledge Base.

Another addition to Site Manager in the most recent release includes CPU priority and write rate limiting to backup definitions — this will improve performance and the resilience of systems, so users can keep downtime and system errors to an absolute minimum.

Other changes in Site Manager v7.2.5234

  • We’ve added a status column to the Agent specific Rescue Media wizard to show which agents already have Rescue Media built.
  • We’ve improved the driver load sequence in Windows PE/RE when multiple drivers for the same hardware is present
  • We’ve improved driver collection process to identify driver files which are stored in multiple locations on the Agent computer and reduce duplication
  • We’ve added ‘Disk label’ matching rules in Backup Definitions to allow easy blanket exclusions of virtual or special disks
  • We’ve Added a longer timeout during the Remote Install process for computers which take more than 5 minutes to copy the Agent installer MSI from the server
  • We’ve improved error handling in Remote Syncs to make error conditions like the remote server being out of disk space clearer and to avoid unnecessary retries

Fixes in this release

  • Fixed backup logs not being attached to success emails in all cases
  • Fixed incorrect display when filtering the logs table for a computer which has no backup logs
  • Fixed an issue where backup times could appear as midnight from some Agents installed on Windows in set to European system locales
  • Fixed copying drivers from Agents failing for inf files >2MB
  • Removed unnecessary copying of USB drivers for USB controllers supported natively in Windows PE
  • Fixed Using invalid domain names (.) causing remote install of an agent hanging
  • Fixed changes to computer status causing options to uncheck themselves in the Restore wizard
  • Fixed MIG protected repositories failing to delete dependent files when deleting a backup image in the Site Manager repository browser
  • Fixed Volume and disk label matching rules in Backup Definitions not handling repeated spaces correctly
  • Fixed shutdown hang caused by deadlock when sending emails during a backup finished notification while an Agent changes state
  • Fixed service shutdown issue when running on a Windows debug kernel
  • Fixed incorrect password entry dialog appearing when attempting to restore a password protected image
  • Fixed multiple Remote Sync start notifications in some circumstances when a Remote Sync with the same time set for the start and end times is triggered while a backup is also running

Detailed release notes can be found on the Knowledge Base.

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