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We wrote the original ‘Customer support the Macrium Way’ in 2012. There have been many changes in the last 7 years as we have grown but support remains a key company value and very close to our heart. Below is an updated version of the original article.

Customer support the Macrium Way 2019 Edition

Macrium software has always been a developer led company, and in the early years of its life, the developers also responded to all support tickets. This created a virtuous loop with developers understanding users pain points and improvements and fixes being quickly released. Through this, and an obsession with not leaving any customer’s issues unresolved, we gained a reputation of having great support.

As our company grew around our expanding product range, we found that we had to rethink how we do support; developer time could not scale to supporting our rapidly increasing number of customers. The dilemma was how to grow while maintaining our unique customer experience.

The Macrium support team

Our solution has been to build a support team, co-located within the development team. This maintains efficient communication ensuring that users still get the best technical support rapidly escalating to a developer when required. It also ensures that developers are still ‘in the loop’ with user issues and requests.

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft now issue a bi-annual update. These updates have proved to contain significant breaking changes unlike the old Service Pack update cycle. The support team have the vital role of keeping up to date with insider previews vital to continued reliability.

Premium support

Having a dedicated support team enabled us to offer phone support, a frequently requested option. We charge a little extra for this.

Support for business editions is renewable, at either the standard or premium levels, and includes free access to new major versions as they become available.

Support during a Trial

If you are trialling our software, please don’t hesitate to raise a support ticket or use our customer forum. Frequently, it is when you are unfamiliar with our software that you have the most questions. The trial period runs for 30 days, but we will be happy to extend it, when required.

Worldwide sales support

Another change is that we now have an international distribution network, with a native team in London and Denver and partners in German, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Australia providing local support for an extensive network of Reseller Partners ready to answer any pre-sales questions you may have.

Other support resources

We maintain an up-to-date KnowledgeBase ( and there is a very active support forum (

Whatever you need please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whatever channel you use for support you should receive an answer that is both personal and technically excellent. This is the least we feel our customers deserve.

The Macrium support team.

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