The Local IT Administrator is leading v6 product design at Macrium

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At Macrium we have a clear focus on who we are building our solutions for: The Local IT Administrator. We know what they want from a backup and DR solution (simplicity, speed, reliability and recoverability) and all our new features and tools for v6 of Reflect are focused on these needs.

Why have we done this? The feedback we get from our customers and partners tells us that the Local IT Administrator has one of the toughest jobs in IT. They are responsible for the whole range of local IT issues from printer toner to SQL databases. They are busy, have severe budget constraints and quite often multiple sites to look after. They certainly don’t have time to assess multiple solutions for backup and DR; they need something that works now!

We receive a lot of feedback from our customers and thankfully 99.9% of it is positive. When someone writes into our support team to tell us that Macrium Reflect has saved their bacon once again, we know we are on the right track.

With v6 of Macrium Reflect we will be increasing the simplicity by overhauling the user interface and scheduling engine, speed will be enhanced for both imaging and recovery, and of course reliability will be even better. Soon after v6 is released we will go even further with remote deployment and administration for the backup and DR solution.

The good news is that we can provide all of the above whilst continuing to be the very best value for money. This all means that v6 will continue to be the solution of choice for the Local IT Administrator when they need a simple, fast, reliable and great value product.

Video — Salami Sid: The IT Administrator

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