The New Standard in Windows Endpoint Backup

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Macrium Reflect is renowned as a very reliable and trustworthy standalone tool for protecting Windows systems and data. For more than 6 years Macrium has continued to refine and improve the Macrium Reflect product line, however, it is time for the next phase of releases to support our customers, continue market development and nurture company growth.

What the IT Administrator has been asking for

Last October (2016) Macrium released the all new Central Management Console, along with Macrium Agent Licenses, to fulfil the need for a scalable and easy to manage solution for endpoint PC and Server backup. This release was in direct response to many requests from customers who loved the legendary Macrium Reflect speed and reliability, but wanted to be able to use it in larger environments. After 12 months, we have learned a lot and now it is time to extend and enhance the family even more.

What’s in a name?

The Central Management Console, otherwise known as the CMC, has proven to be reliable and very intuitive, however, as we add other solutions to the family we have decided to streamline the naming and hence the CMC is now Macrium Site Manager. This is not just a re-branding exercise. Site Manager includes all the lessons and enhancements from the past 12 months and is designed with future features in mind. We have improved the server to agent communications, fine-tuned the agent management process and included better license administration tools.

We know what you’re thinking!

This all looks very interesting but we know your thinking, “this is going to come with a high price.” Fortunately, we have also thought long and hard about this and have decide that the management tools are for the time being free! We only ask you to pay for the agent licenses and support renewals because Macrium Site Manager is free for our business customers and partners to use.

Find out more here and download your free trial of the Macrium Site Manager tool that includes some 30 days agent keys to get you up and running.

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