5 reasons MSPs should consider Macrium for Windows backup

There are many challenges that are part and parcel of being an MSP: managing customers with very different needs and demands, dealing with complex and untidy infrastructures and legacy systems, and, of course, the battle to win new business.

And with the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic changing the way just about every business works, and the way it uses software, MSPs now have additional pressure, as organizations look to them for increased security, resilience, and stability.

But although the current situation might feel like a bit of a balancing act, one of the best ways to ensure that your MSP business can deliver on its promise to customers while also acquiring new customers to expand and grow your business further, is to embrace simplicity where you can. Sure, sometimes things will get complicated (and maybe things would be boring if they weren’t), but it’s important to keep things simple as much as possible.

The KISS rule — keep it simple, stupid — is probably timeless, and it applies to MSPs as much as it does anywhere else.

But keeping things simple isn’t always easy — and that’s where Macrium comes in. With Macrium for MSPs, MSPs have a product that won’t upset the balance of your wider toolchain, or, indeed, how you think about managing multi tenant infrastructures. Instead, you have a powerful Windows backup tool that you can manage easily and effectively.

There are plenty of reasons why MSPs would choose one backup solution over another. And true, maybe Macrium isn’t right for you. But nevertheless, here are 5 key reasons why MSPs should seriously consider Macrium for MSPs.

1. A Best in class imaging engine built from decades of experience

It sounds obvious, but power and performance is a critical part of the software MSPs buy. In theory, any vendor worth their salt should have a robust and reliable core at the center of its offering — but, as anyone who has ever interacted with the IT ecosystem in any capacity knows, the demands of a complex market, and the need to serve a constantly evolving range of use cases mean that the quality and capabilities of software can be inconsistent.

This doesn’t make software ‘bad’ — it’s ultimately about balancing up your needs as an MSP, and how you want to go about supporting your clients.

Here at macrium, we have put the imaging engine — Macrium Reflect — at the center of everything we do. And, to underline our dedication, it’s something we’ve been developing and improving since 2006. Of course, the software industry has changed substantially since then, but Macrium Reflect has been designed to be consistently resilient, secure, and reliable.

We’re proud of what we’ve built — and we think it will fulfil a small but vital role in protecting data on Windows. After all, sometimes that’s exactly what your customers need — nothing more, nothing less.

2. A super simple configuration thanks to an easy to use management interface

Alongside the power of the Macrium Reflect imaging engine, Macrium for MSPs is built on two simple management interfaces — Macrium Site manager and Multi Site. This means that you don’t have to compromise between sophisticated software and ease of use.

We know this is particularly important for MSPs that need to manage many different issues across multiple clients and customers. And although backup might be a particularly critical part of ensuring your customers’ are resilient and in a position to restore and recover quickly, this doesn’t mean it needs to require constant oversight or manual work to configure, update, amend and monitor.

3. Low commitment and transparent billing

For MSPs in today’s rapidly changing market, flexibility is hugely important. Vendor lock-in hasn’t disappeared, and for MSPs we know it’s a particularly challenging issue that can, in worst case scenarios, leave you feeling like you’ve lost a sense of agency over how you work and what you can provide for your customers.

This is one thing that we’re passionate about at Macrium: we don’t want to tell you what to do, and what your toolchain and your customers’ infrastructure should look like. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed Macrium so it fits neatly into whatever your existing setup might be.

Crucial to this is that using Macrium is low commitment — we don’t want to lock you into long term contracts that help neither you nor your customers. If it works — fantastic. If not, we want you to find something that’s right for you.

Added to this is Macrium for MSPs simple and transparent billing. This means that you don’t have to waste time worrying about costs and the bureaucracy of complex invoices, and can instead focus on doing what you do best: helping your customers.

4. Superior security, including ransomware protection

When it comes to data protection security is, of course, critical. And, with new threats constantly emerging and evolving, we want to make sure that MSPs have everything they need to ensure that they are not exposing their customers to any unnecessary external risk.

Macrium for MSPs includes a number of powerful features. This includes ransomware protection from Macrium Image Guardian which ringfences backup files so they cannot be modified by anyone without access, and a secure connection between the Macrium Site Manager and Multisite platforms, which ensure that backup files are secure and inaccessible to malicious actors. That gives MSPs peace of mind that their customers can rely on them to protect them from the latest threats in the cyber landscape.

5. Responsive tech support located alongside engineers

Perhaps the thing that makes Macrium for MSPs stand out against other vendors is the nature of our support. Not only is it fast and responsive, ensuring that you can solve problems with minimal fuss, it’s also full of technical expertise. While it’s not uncommon for some vendors to treat support as an almost administrative task, at Macrium the support team is located alongside the engineering teams — indeed, many have worked in the engineering team at some point.

This means that when you need support, you’ll get it from people that not only understand the product in depth, but who are also sensitive to your needs and the way you work as a technology business.

Macrium for MSPs isn’t for everyone. It isn’t a magic bullet that will solve everything. But when it comes to Windows backup, Macrium just makes sense.

Find out more about Macrium for MSPs, by starting a trial or scheduling a demo with our team:


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