The School’s Lonely IT Administrator

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The school summer break is nearly over, the kids and teachers are on holiday. However, the school’s IT Administrator has been busy setting up for the next academic year.

Classes begin in September, and all the computers in the computer room, the multimedia classroom, the teachers’ laptops need to be set up. It’s hard work that takes time and concentration.

How can it be done most efficiently? At Macrium Software, we have the ideal tool for this job. With the Macrium Reflect Deployment Kit, you can make a master mage of a machine and deploy it to as many computers as necessary. In this way, all PCs will be configured in the same way.

The Technicians Deployment Kit License allows up to 5 technicians to create “Master” or “Golden” images and deploy them to an unlimited number of workstations and servers. This enables IT specialist to set up PCs quickly and efficiently.

Each Deployment Kit includes 1 Macrium Reflect Server License that comes with Portable Application Support, allowing you to create up to 5 USB sticks with a bootable version of Macrium Reflect.

This kit allows a single IT Technician to image multiple servers and PCs. The USB stick also acts like a bootable rescue environment, which you can use for ad hoc backup and restores of PCs and Servers.

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Millions of people already trust Macrium around the world. Furthermore, educational institutions have get a generous 30% discount on this type of license if you contact us.

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