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The Microsoft Exchange attack will concern many organizations around the world. But what can be done to minimize its impact? ...

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Posted at Mar 17 2021, 12:00h in cyberattack Richard Gall, Marketing

Categories: cyberattack, cybersecurity, infosec, microsoft, security

When images emerged of the fire at data centers in Strasbourg belonging to French cloud company OVH, it was impossible not to feel a sense of shock and horror at the scale of devastation. According to the VentureBeat report, almost 3.5 million websites were impacted. It’s thought that the disaster took down a not insignificant percentage of websites on the .fr domain. ...

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Posted at Mar 15 2021, 12:00h in backup Richard Gall, Marketing

Categories: backup, business-continuity, cloud-computing, data-recovery, Data-Center

Just as surely as night follows day, a new buzzword enters the scene. This time it’s ‘adaptive cybersecurity.’ You can file this one under things that we’ve always done (or at least should have done) that someone’s now invented a new word for. ...

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Posted at Mar 2 2021, 12:00h in cybersecurity Richard Gall, Marketing

Categories: cybersecurity, data-protection, infosec, privacy, DevOps

The ripple effects of the SolarWinds attack have continued into the first weeks of 2021. That’s not likely to stop — a new strain has recently been identified, highlighting just how deep and sophisticated this particular attack was. ...

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Posted at Feb 10 2021, 12:00h in cybersecurity Richard Gall, Marketing

Categories: cybersecurity, DevOps, software-development, software-engineering, DevSecOps